desolation & despair

this is the problematique

curlyfries and buttercanes
12 July 1984

in your world

too broken to belong; too weak to sing along;

me; well well, i made a new journal! my old one was deadshines but unfortunately, this is the same weirdo. ;) eva, 16 and currently residing in the back-arse of nowhere in the land of leprechauns. all you need to be aware of is my unhealthy obsessions with all things muse and sparkly. metric have a special place in my pants heart too. i don't bite though, i'm just slightly deranged and very sarcastic.


500 days of summer, alice in wonderland, almost famous, anchorman, andy warhol, arcade fire, atonement, bat for lashes, benedict cumberbatch, beyoncé, biffy clyro, blake lively, brandon flowers, cathy davey, childish gambino, coldplay, community, converse, dave matthews band, david bowie, death cab for cutie, disney, donald glover, editors, elbow, elf, ellie goulding, emily haines, emma watson, fall out boy, family guy, fashion, fleet foxes, florence & the machine, franz ferdinand, gentlemen prefer blondes, glitter, glitterati, gogol bordello, goldfrapp, gossip girl, harry potter, hayley williams, helena bonham carter, inception, interpol, iron man, jack johnson, jane austen, jimmy eat world, johnny depp, joseph gordon-levitt, jude law, kanye west, kasabian, kate hudson, katy perry, ke$ha, keane, keira knightley, kirsten dunst, lady gaga, laura marling, lauren conrad, leighton meester, leonardo di caprio, leopard print, lily allen, manic street preachers, marie antoinette, marilyn monroe, marina & the diamonds, martin freeman, metric, millionaire, misfits, mitch albom, muse, musicals, natalie portman, new york, nightmare before christmas, no doubt, paramore, paulo nutini, pearl jam, phoenix, placebo, pokémon, powerpuff girls, qotsa, queen, radiohead, rage against the machine, red hot chili peppers, regina spektor, rihanna, robert downey jr, sailor moon, scarlett johansson, she & him, sherlock, sherlock holmes, silversun pickups, skins, snow patrol, some like it hot, sparkles, spongebob squarepants, starbucks, stars, taylor momsen, the corpse bride, the dead weather, the divine comedy, the duchess, the hills, the hush sound, the killers, the kills, the pretty reckless, the rolling stones, the seven year itch, the simpsons, the smiths, the strokes, them crooked vultures, thin lizzy, tim burton, two door cinema club, vampire weekend, vintage, yeah yeah yeahs, zooey deschanel